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    November 2016

    Christmas und New Year's Postage stamps by Anita Paegle

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    March 2016

    New book illustrated by Anita Paegle from children book series "Bikibuki", publisher "Liels un mazs". More insight HERE

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    January 2016

    Anita Paegle is nominated for The Hans Christian Andersen Award – the highest international recognition given to an author and an illustrator of children's books. 

  4. Anita Paegle saņēmusi nomināciju prestižajai Hansa Kristiana Andersena balvai, kas ir augstākais starptautiskais apbalvojums bērnu literatūras autoriem un ilustratoriem.

    Balva tiek pasniegta reizi divos gados. Anita Paegle jau 2012. gadā bijusi nominēta šim apbalvojumam par savām sirsnīgajām un labestīgajām bērnu grāmatu ilustrācijām.

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    November 2015
    Collector coin by Anita Paegle

  6. Latvijas Banka is issuing a new 5 euro silver collector coin "Fairy Tale Coin I. Five Cats"  on Tuesday, 24 November. Being the first collector coin in a special series of coins dedicated to the most dearly loved and significant Latvian fairy tales, this particular coin honours a fairy tale about five cats which later served as a source of inspiration to many writers.

    The graphic design of the coin was created by Anita Paegle, while the author of the plaster model was Jānis Strupulis. The coin was struck by UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla in Lithuania.

    Latvians have always loved fairy tales with their message encouraging kindness and the virtue of diligence. Evil is also present, yet the good always wins. This traditional heritage contains the code of folk wisdom, philosophy and ethics; some scenario is always played out and a piece of useful advice given as part of emotional and moral education.

    The Latvian fairy tale about the five cats is one of those which parents tend to read to their children as a bedtime story and which they are always asked to read again. The message of the fairy tale is that well-being can be achieved through resourcefulness, initiative and good work.

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    March 2015
    "The Wonderful Garden of Dreams" exhibition by Anita Paegle at the Latvian Academy of Art.


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    December 2014
    New book by Anita Paegle. Publisher "Zvaigzne ABC".

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    December 2014

    New book by Anita Paegle. Publisher "Zvaigzne ABC".

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    June 2014

    New book by Anita Paegle. Publisher "Liels un mazs".

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    November 2013

    Christmas und New Year's Postage stamps by Anita Paegle

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    July 2013
    Postage stamps by Anita Paegle

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    April 2013
    Collector coin by Anita Paegle

  14. On Thursday, 11 April 2013, the Bank of Latvia is issuing a new collector coin – the Baby Coin. The author of the graphic design is Anita Paegle, while the plaster model has been created by Jānis Strupulis. The coin has been struck by UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla in Lithuania.

    There is a nice tradition in Latvia to visit the newborn about a month after his or her arrival and share the joy about the offspring with the parents, relatives and friends. Along with the wishes of happiness and good health, we tend to bring the newborn some present – lasting, tangible evidence of good will that could be used right away or later in life to remind the recipient that his or her arrival in this world was met with great joy.

    It has likewise become a tradition to give a coin of silver or gold as a present on such occasions, which would serve as a symbolic starting capital for a materially secure life. TheBaby Coin issued by the Bank of Latvia is just such a present.

    The averse of the coin features a baby in the cradle which is held by a bird and a semi-circled inscription LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA; there is a little mouse pulling a chest full of sweet dreams and the inscription "1 lats" beneath it on the reverse of the coin.

  15. Sketches of Baby Coin